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What to Expect

Our Current Series

Ask someone what they think about church and you'll hear:

  • "People in the church are messy/difficult/etc"
  • "The church failed me"
  • "No one pursues me"


  • "I've never felt so loved & embraced"
  • "When I'm here, I'm home"
  • "The Gospel is so tangible"

We've all either made these statements or heard them. It seems nothing divides a room like our ideas and experiences with the church. To some, the church is a colossal disappointment. To others, the very healing presence of Christ. Like any relationship, things often start off perfect, but over time difficulties arise. Does this mean the church is impossibly broken? Do we move on or "do church from home"? Do we "do church with a few friends"? Isn't church supposed to be fun and easy?

The questions swirling in our heads need answers, and that is what this series is aimed at. What is the church? Should we expect difficulties? Should we expect joy? What does it mean to "a part" of a church? 

You won't want to miss this series. We'll be addressing some difficult topics head-on as we remind ourselves "Why She is Worth It".

Sunday Mornings

We meet at

1849 Wabash Ave. Redlands, CA 92374

We have one gathering at 10:00 a.m.