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Leviticus is the key to understanding how our Holy God dwells with us. Without the truths of Leviticus, God would remain far from us.

As a Gospel prequel, Leviticus provides the backstory, terms, & concepts of the Gospel. The details are not arbitrary. Rather, the sacrificial rites of Leviticus enact a deeper sacrificial reality- a reality which would find it’s fulfillment in the coming of Jesus Christ. Additionally, the commands are given for our good, as part of our Holy design in God’s image (i.e. restitution, sexuality, murder, etc.). 

Through this series, we pray our understanding of the work of Christ would be deepened, our hope would be strengthened, and our hearts would be filled with gratitude for our costly and secure salvation.

Along the way, we’ll address:
What does Leviticus have to do with Jesus?
There are a lot of laws- are they still relevant today?
How are we saved & what does all this sacrifice stuff have to do with it?

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